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Keeping guests comfortable at a Beach Wedding

  • Posted on September 9, 2011 at 9:12 am

There are many fun items to hand out to guests for the hotter month weddings.

Give out small sunscreen samples,   fill coolers, preferably white, with bottles of water, iced tea or even lemonade is a nice touch.  How about paper parasols for the ladies to provide some shade and they come in wonderful colors.  Try Hobby Lobby or Oriental Trading Co. which both do carry.  Then you can add personal touches to them that blend with your theme.  Hot glue small  flowers to edges or give mini pom pom trim or paint on them, maybe  your initial.  Let your imagination soar.  Also oriental fans,  can be personalized as well.   Another idea,  straw hats which can be passed out to the men if you are doing fans or parasols for the ladies.

If you are  inviting children, misting bottles, usually they come with fans,  just  fill with cold water.  It’s fun and will keep them cool and occupied.  Make sure not to forget batteries.