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Dainty bow in BLUE

  • Posted on October 30, 2011 at 8:54 pm

Periwinkleturquoise, teal, navy, sunflower,  or even baby blue ribbon tied in a bow and pinned discreetly to the underskirt  of your wedding dress is a exquisite way to honor a long old age tradition of SOMETHING BLUE.   You can go to any fabric store, an find the ribbon of your choice.  Most have a wide range of ribbon and trimmings to find just what fits you.  Then just tie a small  2 “- 3” size bow.  Then just fasten under your wedding dress.  It will be your secret and something hidden  from site.

Making your own ring bearer pillows

  • Posted on October 26, 2011 at 9:23 pm

You can have so much fun making your own ring pillows if you would like something unique.  You can use material that is from an old apron, curtains, material from a special dress you loved now  to old to wear, got stained or doesn’t fit,  blouse, find something vintage or buy material you think would match your theme at a fabric store.

To Make:  Cut a  8″ square of material for the top that ring goes on, then cut an 8′ by 6″ and a 8″ by  5″ piece each.   

Next step:  Fold in 1/2″ on the 6′” piece and sew ,  this will make the piece an 8  by X 5 1/2 piece and do the same with the  8 by 5 making it a 8 by 4 1/2 pc.  

Next step: take the top piece  8″ by 8″ square and place with outside  design piece facing up, put the other 2 pieces  with outside  design facing down, they should have a overlap in middle where 1/2′ side were sewn and match them up all the way around now back to both being 8 by 8 pcs.  You can now sew around out side  1/4″ to 1/2″ seam.  Once done you flip it inside to outside.  Put what ever design on top piece  where your rings will be held.  It can be as simple as a piece of ribbon tied on to thread rings on and tie a bow or  if a beach wedding you could add a scallop shell to the top (glue on or I would put 2 holes throw middle of shell  and then thread on with ribbon sticking up through middle.  You can also sew a trim around outside edges. 

Now next step is to stuff with stuffing from fabric store.  You have a nice opening on underside and once stuffing is in place , take a few stiches just to keep it all in tacked. 

What you need :  Material, thread, stuffing,  ribbon(s), shells (optional) and  sewing machine,  


One Secret to a successful beach wedding

  • Posted on October 25, 2011 at 9:24 pm

Choose your vendors wisely and listen to their advise!  For example: listen to your florist on flowers that hold up well in outside conditions, they can find your colors you may want to go with but it may not be the flower you wanted.  Take their suggestions since they often do know best.

Also. regarding photographers shooting sunset weddings, we have worked with many and some will not have the right equipment or experience to shoot with the sun in front of them (which can occur with sunset weddings).   Make sure you see  sample pictures that they have taken before and during sunset to be sure you are booking a knowledgeable photographer.

Tanning vs Sunburn for your Big Day

  • Posted on October 24, 2011 at 9:15 pm

There are so many beach weddings where I see the bride or even bridesmaids walking out in these beautiful dresses and they have either major tan lines or worse really bad sunburns.  Everyone always trys to get out day the before to catch some extra rays  and not realizing how strong the sun can be, esp. if you are from out of town, you end up with a nice red sunburn.

Now there are great solutions with spray tanning that is readily available depending on the companies that service your area.  They can either fix your sunburn by covering and/or those lovely tan lines.  Best yet, don’t even go in the sun and let them come day before and give you a nice glow.  Some even offer the 30 min teeth whitening.  Believe me ladies, hiring a company like this compared to having a nice sunburn is worth it all.  Remember that sunburn will stay with you through your wedding night and your honeymoon providing the wrong kind of heat.

Companies we recommend in out Tampa Bay Area,  (Lisa ) or (Kelli)

Add a little dazzle to pillar candles

  • Posted on October 23, 2011 at 8:40 pm

Press gold or silver  studs into pillar candles (same color or variety of shades of color) at random or in a particular pattern.  You can group them so that the flames  will reflect off metal pieces.  Place different sizes on a silver of gold plate or stagger same size on different height candle stands.    Makes for perfect centerpiece for your reception tables.

Bridal Show Oct. 23rd, 2011 in Indian Rocks Beach, FL

  • Posted on October 22, 2011 at 9:44 am


If you are in the area there is a really nice bridal show taking place  between 12 and 4 at the Holiday Inn Harbourside hotel with some of the top vendors in the area.

address: 401 second street, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785   (727) 596-1348

This is a great way to meet photographers, DJ, ceremony venders like myself, florists, limo experts and more.  You also come out with great ideas to maybe use toward your day. 

Please come join and maybe win one of the raffles or grand prizes.

See you there! 


Tablecloths, decorating with a layers

  • Posted on October 21, 2011 at 7:33 am

For a wedding reception where you are responsible to do all the decorations, furnishing table linens, napkins, etc., try layering tablecloths to give a different and fun look.

If you are trying for a vintage style wedding you could do  a long  round full length cloth first in a large soft  plaid pattern, then  a  1/2 round, soft floral pattern with a lace trim and throw over a squared crochet cloth,  last a sheer squared lace over lay hanging down one side and only cover half the table on top.  You maybe able to sew your own tablecloths or find in different stores to mix and match.

Another idea would be,  if doing a beach theme wedding, you could do a full length round floor length cloth in a solid color and tie it in with a smaller 1/2 size round in a shell print pattern and then a squared piece of netting or a burlap over it.

A surfer theme, if you are holding your reception outside, is a fun idea, black and white theme for night time using dots or paisley prints and add in a solid linen.

Layering is a great way to decorate and add depth and texture.

The Feeling of being pushed to sign a contract

  • Posted on October 19, 2011 at 8:12 pm

I saw an article a while back on being pressured to make deposits and sign contracts.  It didn’t occur to me to blog about it until  one of my brides  was having a hard time with a few vendors that were asking for a deposit and to sign a contract when she wasn’t quite ready.

As I tell all my clients,  when you are completely ready to commit to that vendor, only then do you give a deposit. Most are non-refundable so being 100% sure is quite important.

If that vendor is filling up quickly and has another person interested in your same date, don’t let them push you, you can opt to wait if you are unsure.  You will know when it is right.

When I first speak to a bride and her date is open but I have also a few other inquiries on the same one,  I will let her know and  I will try and give her as many answers to help her decide and then let her think on it.  If she is ready, she will call.  Once I do send a contract,  I will usually give that bride and groom one week to finalize  and this is only after we have had a few phone conversations and emails to make sure they are comfortable with all I offer.

Please keep in mind that you will feel better if you make that final decision about your special day and not someone trying to make it for you.

Guest tips for destination weddings

  • Posted on October 18, 2011 at 9:22 pm

I found these helpful “Etiquette” tips in the fall/winter 2011, THE KNOT Magazine,  pg 332 just in case you missed the issue.

1. forewarn your friends: You should tell your bridal party  about the destination before you ask them to stand by your side, so they can gracefully decline if their finances are to tight.  You can make their trip a bit easier if you can offer to pay a portion to cover some expenses.

2. Get a Grip:  Don’t feel bad if some of your family and friends decline on making the trip. Their fees for travel, hotels expenses and car rentals maybe more than their budget allows.  Think of holding a 2nd smaller reception at home for those who can not make the trip.

3. Welcome your guests:  Be sure to place a gift basket  in each hotel room full of essentials for the trip and goodies that will remind them of the setting you have chosen.

Unity Sand Ceremony

  • Posted on October 17, 2011 at 6:45 pm

Something we do a lot and is becoming quite popular, is the unity sand ceremony.   There is an empty  middle vase and 2 side vases that are filled with colored sand.  The bride and groom pour  these 2 sands  which represent their separate lives  and when poured into the middle vase , the individual sands no longer exist and are joined as one. Same as your marriage.

If there are children from previous marriages that are now becoming part of this new family,  they can also be included to pour sand in the middle vase.  We like to have them take a handful of sand from the beach and add on top of  bride and grooms sand.

Most beach wedding companies will have their own reading and way of including in the ceremony so you just need to ask if you do not see it in their package.