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The Feeling of being pushed to sign a contract

  • Posted on October 19, 2011 at 8:12 pm

I saw an article a while back on being pressured to make deposits and sign contracts.  It didn’t occur to me to blog about it until  one of my brides  was having a hard time with a few vendors that were asking for a deposit and to sign a contract when she wasn’t quite ready.

As I tell all my clients,  when you are completely ready to commit to that vendor, only then do you give a deposit. Most are non-refundable so being 100% sure is quite important.

If that vendor is filling up quickly and has another person interested in your same date, don’t let them push you, you can opt to wait if you are unsure.  You will know when it is right.

When I first speak to a bride and her date is open but I have also a few other inquiries on the same one,  I will let her know and  I will try and give her as many answers to help her decide and then let her think on it.  If she is ready, she will call.  Once I do send a contract,  I will usually give that bride and groom one week to finalize  and this is only after we have had a few phone conversations and emails to make sure they are comfortable with all I offer.

Please keep in mind that you will feel better if you make that final decision about your special day and not someone trying to make it for you.