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Grogan and Jenkins Wedding 9.27.13

  • Posted on October 30, 2013 at 9:56 am
Holly and Jay started their wedding day by walked over from the Sand Pearl with their guests over to the beach site.  It was only 2 blocks away and the weather was beautiful.   The bride and groom decided not to have a wedding party and they walked down the aisle  together  to “Canon D”.
Holly choose a periwinkle tulle with white on the canopy and starfish hung by raffia on the chairs.
The groom wore khaki linen shorts and a light blue shirt.  Bride was in a simple white sundress that fit the beach wedding day.
Photos By Beautiful Wedding Photography 
The ceremony was perfect as they completed it by walking out to Beatle’s “All you need is love”.  Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs.  Jenkins.
Beautiful Wedding Pictures 003 Beautiful Wedding Pictures 009 Beautiful Wedding Pictures 013 Beautiful Wedding Pictures 026 Beautiful Wedding Pictures 034

North Clearwater Beach Wedding

  • Posted on October 20, 2013 at 8:00 pm

E & S kiss & sunsetE & S the kids walking outE & S sunset and romanceJuly 29th and the day is gorgeous.  The bride chose a tangerine orange tulle to match with her bouquet.  Her dress, as you can see had layers of ruffles and a purple sash with large flower detail around her waist.  The colors popped and made her combo a hit.

Her bridal party consisted of her daughter, Kimberly as the flower girl and Landin,  grooms son,  was bestman and ring bearer.  The couple had just their close family there which made it extra special.

The bride walked in with Nora Jones singing “Come Away with Me” .  Photography by Stephen Rudd and an amazing sunset by God!E & S feet





E & S family pic E & S family 2E & S kiss and rings

Allison and Duke’s Clearwater Beach Wedding

  • Posted on October 16, 2013 at 12:25 pm

Allie & Duke Sept 2013 here comes bride close upAllie & Duke Sept 2013 ReadingAllie & Duke Sept 2013 progam fansAllie & Duke Sept 2013 bch brushesA beach wedding at Sand Key with a bridal party of 12 including themselves and 80 guests.   The bamboo canopy was draped in Ivory and White with the spiny conch shells and raffia for tiebacks.  Allie wanted simple and sweet with not a lot of fuss.   Her aisleway was lined with tikis with raffia ties as she walked in on her dads arm.   Their 2 sons were both part of the day.  Kelton was one of the groomsmen and as Allie states, their miracle child, now 6, Morgan, was the ring bearer.  The kids were also a part of the sand ceremony adding a handful of sand to their parents from the beach itself and placed on top of the bride and grooms sand.    

The bridal party walked in to Albacore by Ani Defranco and Allie with her father walked into Amazing Grace by LL Divo.     They had a reading, read by Evan which was the words from Bob Dylan’s ” Wedding Song”.  Allie & Duke Sept 2013 jr bridesmaidAllie & Duke Sept 2013 w kidsAllie & Duke Sept 2013 w  mom Bev

The reception that followed was held at the Marriott Sand Key where they finished off the evening dancing and dining the night away. 

Also a big thanks to Beverly, Allie’s mom who help put the beach wedding together with me.  She is an amazing mom.   

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom and new joining of families to make one.

June 14th Beach Wedding

  • Posted on October 9, 2013 at 1:02 pm
M & D proud brother walks her in

Bride Escorted by Big Brother

M & D Giving bride to groom

The giving away of bride

Hugs from sister n law

M & D a few words

We are gathered here today….

M & D say vows

Michelle says vows to David

M & D say vow 2

David Says vows to Michelle

M & D the rings

The Ring is the unbroken circle of love

M & D ring exchange

Michelle I thee wed

M & D bouquet. rings

Bouquet and rings

M & D clasping of hands

Clasping of Hands

M & D  Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife

M & D more kisses

More kisses 🙂

M & D he's all mine


M & D family


M & D another kiss


Red Pineapple, St Augustine FL for beach gifts

  • Posted on October 2, 2013 at 1:30 pm

One of my favorite stores when visiting the St Augustine area is Red Pineapple Boutique on St. George Street.  They have the greatest selections of  unique clothing,  Jewelry, oh yes lots of Jewelry , Vintage looking Costume pieces to go WOW over and all kinds of fun knick knack that can make amazing bridal party gifts.    One of my favorite conversation finds is this Sunflower ring with a small blue butterfly attached to it.  And the sides have bees sketched out on it.  I attached a picture of my lucky find :).

I never know what I will come across.  They have had beautiful full length white dresses that would make for an amazing  and beautiful beach wedding dress.   Small clutch purses, artful make-up  bags.  You name it.  I just saw a posting of beach wood frames which would make great gifts.

I did ask about a website, which they are working to figure away to have one but as soon as photos are taken to use, the pieces sell.   So if you want to find that great bridal gift or something for your self, maybe something blue,  check out their facebook page, Red Pineapple Boutique.   904-342-0876


Sunflower Ring 2Sunflower Ring