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Beach Weddings in Spring

  • Posted on February 19, 2014 at 11:58 am

Spring is the time for flowers to bloom giving you so much variety. Making bouquets and flowers are so much easier to get.  You have more flexibity in the times to hold your affair.  The weather is gorgeous for a beach ceremony morning, noon or night.  You can have a comfortable mid day wedding which may in turn help budget wise if the sunset time receptions are higher in cost.

This is the time of year that colors are never limited.  From pastels to more vibrant colors, anything goes.  Mix and match bridesmaids dresses are a real hit.  Let your girls pick their  own favorite dress by choosing colors like yellow, pinks and peaches blending into large and small floral print dresses,  yellow or pink/white stripe dresses , 2 tone colors using  modern and vintage looks.  Bringing all the textures, prints and styles together make up your own mix.

Some color palates for spring: Lavender, Lime Green and Cream or Periwinkle, Light Pink and Navy Blue or  Pink, chocolate and sliver.   

Another fun way to mix and match is have the girls all in the same color dresses and let them choose differnet colors in shoes to wear.  I found this picture in a wedding magazine but for life of me can’t remember which one.

spring shoes


Adding Tradition to your day

  • Posted on February 7, 2014 at 12:04 pm

Tradition: The transmission or handing down of customs or beleifs from generation to generation. 

Tradition brought into a wedding day only adds graciousness and honor to the people most dear to you. Each tradition has a deep meaning to those who pass it along to the new generation. It is up to you to pick and choose the traditions that are right for you and your groom.

There was a article written in Southern Living Magazine, January issue 2014, Sothern Living Special starting on page 53, on a few favorites:
* From a family Bible, guests marked favorite verses, sign their names for the bride and groom to later read.

*Instead of a hankercheif being passed down, a monogrammed table runner that could be incorporated as part of the linen on the head table, cake or gift tables. 

*Cake Pull comes from a Victorian traditon of “ribbon pulling”. In those days charms of luck were set in to the wedding cake and pulled by the bride to predict the future of her single friends. Now they are placed in a small cake at a bridesmaid luncheon or shower. Brides then choose close female friends to pull a charm from the cake before it is cut. Some ideas of charms: Hot Air Balloon for leisure and travel, Tree of Life if these are dear friends you have known most of your life, four-leaf clover for good luck. Pick charms that are meaningful to your day or the friends.

This is my favorite which I hear all the time brides telling me that they have a bridal party that keeps growing so not to hurt any feelings.  Well here’s your solution:
*House Party, simular to the “attendant” title, members of the house party “HP Girls” are assigned wedding day tasks, like manning the guest book, handing out programs or maybe planning the bridal luncheon/dinner, etc. Some may not even have duties but are simply included so that they know the bride would like to honor their relationship. Some ideas:  You can reserves seating for your HP girls in the 1st and 2nd rows behind the family and have them included in the wedding program. Or you can choose to have them pick, mix and matching dresses in a single color or choose to give them your color scheme and have them wear something that coordinates. If you choose not to give a dress code then maybe purchasing them an accessory to acknowledge their role like a corsage, matching necklace or bracelet, flower for their hair.

You can still keep with your passed down traditons on the ones that fit you but you can also start your own.