Beach Wedding on Halloween Night

  • Posted on January 9, 2016 at 10:25 am

greg & linda greg & linda 1 greg & linda 2 greg & linda 3 greg & linda 4 greg & linda 6White fabric and black tulle wrap the bamboo with a splash of orange florals & ribbon decorating the tikis.   There is a table with two photos of the brides very important military men in her life.  Her dad who is deceased and her dad’s best friend who was to ill to come.  The American flag flies next to it.   The couple hired an accordian player for the music.  The weather was was perfect and beach emptied out giving them their own private spot.

Greg promises Linda to be his companion and best friend, honor and respect and “through all the houses they have fixed up and have fallen apart”, be a faithful and caring husband.

Linda promises Greg to love, adore and encourage him.  Share good times and the bad “and give him full access to the Home Depot credit card”, as a faithful and caring wife.


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