Beach Wedding Rained Out

  • Posted on August 27, 2013 at 8:19 pm

Justin and Sarah 8.9.13 1 Justin and Sarah 8.9.13 2Justin and Sarah 8.9.13 4 Justin and Sarah 8.9.13 5 Justin and Sarah 8.9.13 7jpgAugust 9, 2013 and Justin and Sarah’s day is turning cloudy as we set up on Sand Key Beach.   Waiting last minute to add the decor and bring the music out,  we call over to speak to the Bride,  staying at the Marriott Sand Key.   The radar is not looking promising and she makes the call to tear down and move in doors.   So we rush to tear down and load back up and move all to the Marriott where a room awaits us to set again.

A bit late but guests start arriving,  the groom and party look handsome as they great the guests.  Line up begins and music starts playing Arioso by Bach.  The bridal party has all chosen their own dresses in different colors of purples, blue and lavenders.  Time for the bride to make her entrance.   She has chosen Canon in D by The O’Neill Brothers,  rose petals in different colors of  white, pinks and purples line her aisle as she starts to walk with her dad bringing her to her big grinning groom.

The ceremony was beautiful and this bride and groom only saw each other.   The beach wedding that they wanted was now in the past and it was only about the 2 of them and a new life as husband and wife.    Their day was truly perfect and magical, christened with rain by God to seal their new marriage.

Congratulations to a beautiful couple, we are wishing a lifetime of happiness and health.     God Bless!


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