Beachy Bamboo Candle Centerpieces

  • Posted on December 22, 2011 at 8:47 am

Establish a luau ambiance for your beach theme reception with these easy centerpieces.  Take different size clear glass cylinders and wrap bamboo sticks or even grass skirting around outside of glass and place votive type candle inside.

To determine how much bamboo or grass skirting, just measure height and circumference of each vase.  Then just cut, wrap around the vase and hot glue seam.   Place candle in middle and light.

You can buy inexpensive glass cylinders in a variety of sizes at any Hobby Lobby or Michael’s Craft store and Joanne Fabric stores.   As for skirting and bamboo, I have purchased mine at Michael’s and also had bought bamboo place mats found at JC Penny’s and Pier One Imports.   They are already tied together so be sure to use some glue at end where you plan to cut before cutting so nothing unravels.

Also you can add raffia (at Michaeal’s) to wrap around napkins.  Place silverware inside napkins and fold into cylinder shape, tie off with raffia, maybe one piece of bamboo and let strands hang.

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