Biller marries Hauge on Sand Key Beach

  • Posted on June 13, 2015 at 8:10 am

Hiller 1 Mark & Linda 3 Mark & Linda 5 Mark & Linda 4 Mark & Linda 6 Mark & Linda 9 Mark & Linda 10

Mark and Linda married on a sunny April 4th day in front of their family and friends.  Mark dressed casual in his khaki and white attire, waiting patiently and calmly for his bride.   Linda wore a simple but elegant white halter wedding dress carrying an all white rose bouquet walking down to “The wedding song” by Kenny G.  They choose a sea green tulle with simple white starfish as tie backs on the canopy.   Netted  saches with starfish decorated the back row of the garden chairs and sheppards hooks with hanging lanterns lined the asile.    After the ceremony, they headed back to the Sand Key Marriott for cocktails and dinner.

Photography by Angel Wings Photography, Inc.




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