Bride and Bridesmaid Etiquettes to think on

  • Posted on January 14, 2019 at 12:33 pm

It’s always tough finding a way to re-use a bridesmaid dress. Even the most tasteful and beautiful ones. It still looks like a bridesmaid dress just without the bouquet. If you agree to be a bridesmaid, it usually means you are very close friends or family so spending $150-$200 on a dress (ugly or pretty) that you will never wear again means not to complain and have a smile on your face.
A trend that has been going steady for quite a few years now is letting the bridemaids choose from a handful of styles/colors offered from the bride. The dresses could all be in the same color but many different styles to fit everyone’s individuality or all the same style and a handful of beautiful complimenting colors that fit the girls hair colors and skin complexions. I did a wedding a while back where the colors were all in different shades of pink and the styles were all very different and it was an amazing look.


Side photo from  June + July issue,  Article:  A (not so) Garden Variety                        Photographer Tim Willoughby  These bridesmaids got to choose their own dresses as long as they were in florals.


As for being the bride, you also need to be respectful of every girl you are thinking to ask, what is her financial burden amounting to? Remember your girls are not only paying for the dresses but a gift, bachelorette parties, bridal shower luncheons/dinners that you will expect them to attend. And are these events local or is there flying involved. If you are holding a few events and you are OK with some not being able to attend, let each know in a note or in person, saying something like ” if blank blank isn’t doable for you to attend, please don’t feel obligated. You being present at my wedding is what matters to me and all I care about. Just be thoughtful to give me notice so I can plan properly.”
Other then just being attentive to your girls needs, make sure they all have important jobs so no one feels left out. Give them duties that are meaningful with some that maybe aren’t as much. And writing a personal thank you to each goes a long way. Let each know how much you appreciate them.



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