Budgeting your Wedding

  • Posted on January 29, 2014 at 12:48 pm

Just like everything in life costs money, so will your marraige.  We all know you can spend more money than you make.  This is not a good way to start out your marriage.   As Dave Ramsey mentions in his “Financial Peace” national best seller,  “Statistics tell us that if we agree on four things before we marry someone, we have a much higher probability of a successful marriage, not to mention a happier and more peaceful one.   The four big are; religion, in-laws, parenting and MONEY.  Number one things couples fight about is money, per Worth magazine”.    pg 195 

We hear more and more these days that couples are paying for thier own wedding.   This being a large first expense together, needs special care in communicating and working together.    Budgeting takes discipline which means you need to bring your finances under control so you aren’t paying off loans for years to come.    Most couples bring thier debt into a marriage.  Be it school loans, impulse buying with credit cards,  having to buy  that new car worth more than you made last year, etc.   Get things paid off as quick as possible.  Stop spending and going out to expensive dinners.  Hey, stay home and cook together even if you aren’t great at it.  Ever hear “practice makes perfect” and its fun to do as a couple.   Maybe go to the library and check out a few financial budget books.  Read and share ideas together.   Come up with a great plan for your future together.

Back to the engagement.  What a great day when he proposes and you say “YES”.  This day until you say “I do”, is when the budgeting needs to start if it hasn’t already.   Hopefully you are choosing a date over a year out for planning and saving.  Some grooms I know have saved up before they even pop the question.  You go guys!!  But if that isn’t the  case, this is when you start creating your plan.  You two need to set a budget that you both agree on and that works for you.   And very important, stick to it!   Once you know the budget , start saving each week so you can pay off as you book and place deposits.  I know common sense, right?

Before starting your perusing, discuss what top 3 things are important to you.  I had one bride that the music was top priority as well as having a beach wedding and another couples dream was the perfect photos of their day, and so on.  These are things that you want to find out costs on and book them for your day once you find the right fit.  Then you work with the rest.  Please keep in mind, if your date can not be negotiated, then your reception venue is a top choice.   Beach weddings have been a less financial burden on  finances compared to other ways.   Most beach ceremony companys, like ours, have all you need  to accomplish your “I do’s” .   The music , the variety of beachy decor, officient, some one there to help you coordinate the ceremony, chairs, etc.     You need to look at the value for your money and is it what you really want.  Are they flexible with in reason.?  For example, if you happen not to like the decor one company offers for your special day,   and you are now having to bring your own in, maybe that isnt your right fit.  Or you have a family friend to marry you and you would like to pull thier officient out of the package,  make sure it is an option.   This all has to do with budgeting.  If you are getting a package deal and you are using half of it and having to buy additonal, this isn’t budget friendly.

Start your marriage on the right tract.  You owe it to yourselves and your future. 

If you decide a beach wedding is your dream,  then we hope you will contact us so we can help make it come true. 

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