Cassy & Kevin, Anna Maria Island

  • Posted on May 30, 2014 at 1:57 pm

Cassy’s parents rented a room at this beach house where we did the wedding out the back on the beach.  If you want some friendly, easy going management, this is the place.  They helped us with parking and moving even a boat out of the way so we could have very little problems getting out to the beach for setting up Cassy and Kevins wedding.  Cassy had her own ideas of exactly what she wanted.  She made her bouquet, bought her own decor and gave me a very detailed map on where she wanted all set up.   We used our tikis with her decor.  We used our bamboo canopy and white fabric  with her tulle and tie backs.   Our sand ceremony table and vases with her colored sand.  Kevin and Cassy’s Family supplied the surprise get away vehicle.

Cassy & Kevin get away truck Cassy & Kevin signAfter all was set it was just as she wanted.    Using our decor or your own, we try our best make your day special.cassy & kevin rental house cassy & kevin chair back close up cassy & kevin set up       Cassy & Kevin bouquet1 Cassy and dad Cassy & Kevin kiss Cassy & Kevin out Cassy & Kevin family arch Cassy & Kevin bouquet

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