Celebrating a new beginning

  • Posted on November 5, 2015 at 1:32 pm

With all the rain that came in July this year,  it put a damper on Tam and Robs special beach ceremony for August 7.  Tam stayed in great spirit and we ended up moving the ceremony to the Marriott Sand Key deck.   Using the Marriotts white trellis to decorate and improvising the rest of Tam’s decor selections,  she got to marry her best friend and love.  They thanked all for supporting them on their journey in becoming Mr and Mrs.  Tam also chose special songs in memory of her dad,  her sister and Rob’s parents that could only be there in spirit.

Tam picked a butter yellow and blush color tulle for the Bamboo Canopy now a White Trellis with starfish tiebacks & tied raffia.  Hanging lanterns filled with shells now hung on the chairs instead of on Sheppard hooks.  Tam walked in to Josh Groban, “To Where you are” and Tam and Rob exited to Billy Idol “White Wedding”.

Tams last email stated “pray  for some nice weather, I don’t care about the sunshine, just no rain”  Prayers were answered and Tam and Rob not only didn’t have to worry about rain but they got some beautiful sunshine.

Tam Thomas Marriott Wedding

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