Destination welcome for your guests

  • Posted on October 16, 2011 at 7:56 pm

There are many ways to give a warm welcome to your guests depending on your destination spot.

One that fits all areas, is include a map of the near by area, showing attractions and restaurants.   You can also include a few restaurant choices with menu’s, maybe tying them together and a small note saying “Local Favorites”.      

If holding a winter wedding,  think off hot chocolate and sweet treat to be placed in hotel room at arrival and if a summer, warmer month, have a fruity cocktail, lemonade, maybe the hotel has a specialty drink. Leave with a note welcoming your guests and thanking them for making the trip.

You can fill baskets or if you want to be more creative, you can make  tote bags.  If up north find fabrics that fit the wedding them, moose or deer pattern perhaps or  maybe material that is a map pattern with note ( “Glad you could travel our way”).   If down south, look for fruit type prints, or seashells and fish designs.  There are many to choose from and most fabric stores will have simple, easy to make pattern to buy.    I always like the idea of recycling and going to thrift or antique shops where they usually have older fabrics, curtains, table clothes etc that can be cut and made into totes.  I have used old dresses and shirts.  They all do not need to match making them one of a kind.  Again this will depend on the theme of your wedding.  If your wedding happens to be a “Green” wedding, that would fit perfectly.

Items to place in your basket or tote bags,  homemade  jellies and honeys from local area,  hot sauces if out west, really anything that represents area  that you are visiting.   If  it happens to be a beach wedding  always add sunscreen, towels, bottles of water and some local trinkets.  Don’t forget the map and menus.   You can even add the itinerary of the wedding day if you think it will help inform your  guests.

Tie a special note on whatever you decide to do with  a warm welcome and so glad you came.

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