James & Yvonne, Peebles Scotland

  • Posted on January 19, 2015 at 8:54 am

Bringing their family all the way from Scotland  to do a beach wedding was the plan.  James and Yvonne had  visited the year before which had given them the idea.  So James and Yvonne made plans to stay at the Sand Pearl and hold a small intimate wedding with us right down the block at a quieter area.   The weather was just beautiful up to the day of their wedding and then the rain came down.   We waited and waited for as long as we could so we get a break.  It finally came where it was lightly sprinkling and we all walked out down to the beach just when it finally stopped.  The wedding didn’t have all their decor they requested and hoped for, due to us not having the time to get it all set up but they still had their ceremony on the beach.  And as we left and congratulated them, the sun came out and they got their photos.     Wishing them lots of love and happiness . And as everyone knows, rain on your day, brings lots of good luck!

Photography by   La Plume Photography, Muriel Cavanaugh     Click to enlarge photos

Yvonne 9 Yvonne 6 Yvonne and James 1 Yvonne 3 Yvonne 10 Yvonne 4 Yvonne 2 Yvonne 5 Yvonne 8 Yvonne 7 Yvonne 11


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