Making your own ring bearer pillows

  • Posted on October 26, 2011 at 9:23 pm

You can have so much fun making your own ring pillows if you would like something unique.  You can use material that is from an old apron, curtains, material from a special dress you loved now  to old to wear, got stained or doesn’t fit,  blouse, find something vintage or buy material you think would match your theme at a fabric store.

To Make:  Cut a  8″ square of material for the top that ring goes on, then cut an 8′ by 6″ and a 8″ by  5″ piece each.   

Next step:  Fold in 1/2″ on the 6′” piece and sew ,  this will make the piece an 8  by X 5 1/2 piece and do the same with the  8 by 5 making it a 8 by 4 1/2 pc.  

Next step: take the top piece  8″ by 8″ square and place with outside  design piece facing up, put the other 2 pieces  with outside  design facing down, they should have a overlap in middle where 1/2′ side were sewn and match them up all the way around now back to both being 8 by 8 pcs.  You can now sew around out side  1/4″ to 1/2″ seam.  Once done you flip it inside to outside.  Put what ever design on top piece  where your rings will be held.  It can be as simple as a piece of ribbon tied on to thread rings on and tie a bow or  if a beach wedding you could add a scallop shell to the top (glue on or I would put 2 holes throw middle of shell  and then thread on with ribbon sticking up through middle.  You can also sew a trim around outside edges. 

Now next step is to stuff with stuffing from fabric store.  You have a nice opening on underside and once stuffing is in place , take a few stiches just to keep it all in tacked. 

What you need :  Material, thread, stuffing,  ribbon(s), shells (optional) and  sewing machine,  


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