Tanning vs Sunburn for your Big Day

  • Posted on October 24, 2011 at 9:15 pm

There are so many beach weddings where I see the bride or even bridesmaids walking out in these beautiful dresses and they have either major tan lines or worse really bad sunburns.  Everyone always trys to get out day the before to catch some extra rays  and not realizing how strong the sun can be, esp. if you are from out of town, you end up with a nice red sunburn.

Now there are great solutions with spray tanning that is readily available depending on the companies that service your area.  They can either fix your sunburn by covering and/or those lovely tan lines.  Best yet, don’t even go in the sun and let them come day before and give you a nice glow.  Some even offer the 30 min teeth whitening.  Believe me ladies, hiring a company like this compared to having a nice sunburn is worth it all.  Remember that sunburn will stay with you through your wedding night and your honeymoon providing the wrong kind of heat.

Companies we recommend in out Tampa Bay Area,  www.cabanatan.com  (Lisa ) or  www.whyfrytanning.com (Kelli)

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