The Rivira’s Beach Wedding

  • Posted on March 15, 2013 at 12:44 pm

Dennis and Marley’s wedding took place at North Clearwater Beach at Beach Access #13.  The ceremony included a bridal party of 6 plus the couples 2 children.  Marley had made these wonderful rose pins with feathers to give out to all her guests.  They were  a sweet sentimental detail of the love for her grandparents who has passed away.  This made a lasting memory for all her guests and family as it did myself who also was given one.  There is a close up that I took of mine in the photos above.  Marley did a wonderful  job.  Creating meaningful and lasting keepsakes gifts make for guests not to leave theirs behind.  They instead want to treasure it.

We were glad to have been a part of the Dennis and Marley’s special day and we wish them a world of happiness and an eternity of love.

Dennis & Marley ring bearers Dennis & Marley- B walking with dad close up Dennis & Marley -Dad kiss her & hands to Groom Dennis & Marley-  ceremony Dennis & Marley-  sand ceremony Dennis & Marley-  holding hands Dennis & Marley-  G grabs a kiss Dennis & Marley-  beautiful family. Dennis & Marley- Bridal party canopy Dennis & Marley-  in memory of G & G Dennis & Marley-  memory pins Dennis & Marley-  pin they gave me Dennis & Marley group photo Dennis & Marley bridal jump Dennis & Marley bouquet

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