The Rosemary Wedding Tradition

  • Posted on December 12, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Rosemary Cookie Favors

Rosemary or its Latin origins indicate “dew of the sea”, are believed to strengthen the memory which then becomes an emblem of fidelity and a symbol of remembrance.

Because of it’s meaning, “Remembrance”, it is know to be a great wedding favor.  The gift of giving rosemary indicates  that no matter what lies ahead on the couple’s new road together, they  will remember those who saw them declare their love to one another.  You can give a  small rosemary plant for each couple to take home (note to say “In Remembrance of our day!”) or see Rosemary Cookie Favor Picture attached.  Just take a simple butter cookie recipe, chop up some fresh rosemary very fine and add a small bit to your recipe.  Come up with however you will package and add a sprig to the top with a note.

The bride and groom can also use it as part of their wedding ceremony. Each of them can carrying a small sprig and  smell it as they say their vows, promising to commit their lives to each other.  Every time after they smell the loving scent, the promises will be called back to mind remembering  how each felt on their wedding day.   (you can put the herbs in sachets in your drawers, mix it in potpourri and cook with it)  Every use will stimulate the memories you are looking to recall.

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