Things You Don’t Think About

  • Posted on March 11, 2014 at 1:30 pm

Let me state this first, that this blog I am writing is only meant to open your eyes.  It’s all about being considerate.

I have  a few of these stories, some a bit different than others, but here is the latest one:

I have been going back and forth for a good amount of months with a couple.   The bride emailed me that she wanted to go definite and book.  So I put her date on hold and emailed her a contract.  Then I received an email from the groom that they had some changes, if it was OK, which it was.  I changed the contract and then reissued.  Waited a few days, I emailed to make sure it had been received.   The bride replied it had and that they were mailing the contract and deposit.   A few weeks past and I received a call that they had sent the contract and deposit to the wrong address and they just had received it back but would mail it out again.   I then sent an email to the bride, the groom and a call to reassure it was fine and I would let them know when it arrived.   After a few more weeks,  I never received the contract so I sent an email to the bride,  just following up about it and make sure they still wanted our services. At this time I had turned down another wedding.   Then few days later, I got an email  from the bride asking when we were going to go over details since wedding is about 2 months away.   I called and left her a message immediately letting her know I still hadn’t received anything.  The bride called back and was confused thinking I had gotten it and everything was on schedule.   I  asked to put a cancel on check since it must have been lost and I confirmed the address for mailing.  She was also going to scan and email the contract so I had something to go by until it was received.    Another week past and I followed up by another email just to say I never received again.    I have never heard back since.  It’s 1 month until the date and we now sitting without a wedding.    I am not sure the reason or will I ever know why they couldn’t have emailed or phoned to let us know they weren’t going forward.

SOOOOO , when you are booking your vendors and you have gone back and forth with the ones you have decided to use and you now have a contract with them.  Please realize once that happens, that the vendor must turn away other business or put any new calls on hold until  they check with you first.   So with that being said,  please be respectful and if for any reason you have changed your mind, email, call that vendor and let them know.    These vendors as well as ourselves count on making a living at what we do.  We have families to support and bills to pay, just like you do.

Thanks you reading and we wish you a beautiful and perfect wedding day!

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