Vintage wedding look, try these favors

  • Posted on November 28, 2011 at 12:42 pm

There are many brides having the vintage style weddings from  bridesmaids dresses created to give that sophisticated, bohemian vintage feel and all having a different style and color dress for each girl,   using an old broche on brides bouquet, or having a ring bearers pillow made of  antique napkins, table linens of age variety from lace to embroidery can also be added for over lays.

An idea I saw long ago, for a fun sweet favor, that works well with this style look:  Turn brioche single serving cups, made from a stiffer paper, turning them into candy dishes.  Fill with old fashioned hard candles.  They come in a variety of pretty colors, stripes and solid with fillings like chocolate or hazelnut.  You can package them by tying them up using cellophane with a ribbon and a small tag.  They look nice, and fit well with an old fashioned wedding theme.    created by Genevieve Panuska & Bergren Rameson, Martha Stewart Magazine, 2004.

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